bennyrodrigues op Twitter toont de meest populaire Twitter accounts, waaronder het Twitter account van Benny Rodrigues. Zie ook wat is Twitter. Bekijk hieronder het grote overzicht met populaire accounts die je meteen kan volgen. Wil je Benny Rodrigues volgen? Je vindt hier zijn/haar account (accountname: bennyrodrigues).

Tweets van Benny Rodrigues
dancefloor fun beats 'evolution' any time …
quick studiorave-session before my 4 festivalgigs today
in my pyjamas test-mixing 2 records to see if they fit as intro, honestly can't remember last time i did that, so Welcome To The Future Festival later today (ROD 16.30-18.15) you better believe it.
sunday august 12th i'm hosting my own ROD & Friends @ Thuishaven Amsterdam and i'm super happy to invite Colin Benders, Duplex (live), Animistic Beliefs (live) & Nadia Struiwigh (live) to come rock with me on a proper unique & verstaille musical day :) …
look at Sven Vath playing my new ROD (@rodmalmok) tune Abel in the @boilerroomtv , out soon on Cocoon :)
the @darrenemerson one was my other fave yes! :) …
in 1999 i was 16 working in a recordshop when @DannyTenagliaDJ 's Global Underground cd came out. played it every single day and gave me so much fun and inspiration back then and after 20 years it still stands the teste of time. salute and big love to you danny, u're a huge hero.
a few weeks ago i played a 100% vinyl set @ Rush Hour full with my favourite detroit records from Drexciya, Detroit in Effect, Underground Resistance etc etc... and u can listen back the whole set here.. …
ICYMI: Run it Red, June edition - loads of new music from the likes of @bennyrodrigues @VinSol @oscarmulero @randsrecords  - July edition goes out on @NTSlive this
i could also playstation but this is more fun and definitely more satisfying i
tnx all dancers @ Cornelis, 18hr Festival, Ultrasonic Festival, Puur Festival, City Of Dance Festival, Funkadelic, Doornroosje, Neverland Festival & Metz for this weekend's adventures.. back in to the black hole now :)
exactly …
matig tot kut …
did it in Berghain & De School the other day where i started with 133bpm and things just flowed so easily and primitive towards 140bpm, it was really inspirational again. especially because it's allows me to play lots of stuff that usually wouldn't sound 'hard enough'. eyeopener.

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